The passenger list is a secret.
Virgin Galactic started booking passengers in 2005. These deposits amounted to $30 million in funding for the design of the spacecraft [source:].

The company's chief astronaut instructor Beth Moses accompanied two pilots on …

Virgin Galactic claims to have more than 80,000 people signed onto a list of potential spaceflight customers. Virgin Galactic passenger list July 6, 2019 in Agent4Stars This is an up-to-date list of all known space tourists who have booked a flight with Virgin Galactic. Yet a few names are known. Latest Update: March,11 2013 Virgin Galactic Astronaut List Slideshare.

This is the most comprehensive list on the internet and I hope I will be able to complete it over the next couple of months. Anyone who can pay the fee and pass a physical can go on a flight. For now, though, it appears the company’s founder is set to be the first passenger — possibly sometime this year. The accident was a huge setback to the exciting momentum of Virgin Galactic, founded by billionaire Sir Richard Branson in 2004. Virgin Galactic sent its first test passenger into sub-space today.
Prospective passengers can book their flights directly through the Virgin Galactic Web site or through authorized ticket agencies across the globe. Virgin Galactic is taking refundable $1,000 deposits from the public, though, if you want to get on the list for a future trip into orbit. The first 100 passengers paid the full price as a deposit, while others on the waiting list paid smaller deposits.