Site Quicklinks Culture & Society. [David Lomas; Jill Graham; Peter Elliott; Television New Zealand. On the morning of 10 April 1968 this room was also crowded with passengers in their life jackets.

The Wahine disaster : DVD]. --Timelord2067 01:29, 10 April 2010 (UTC) Fifty-one people lost their lives. On September 14, 1975 at the age of 80, a frail but passionately articulate Dame Whina led 50 land protestors from Te Hāpua in the far north on a 1000km hikoi to Wellington.

Volunteers recover a Wahine liferaft. Maori Television premieres THE WAHINE DISASTER, an extraordinary documentary on Wednesday April 9 at 8.30 PM, forty years to the day the Wahine set sail. The Wahine Disaster: NZ's worst modern day maritime disaster Page 1 – Introduction Wahine disaster survivors on shore near Eastbourne Tragedy in Wellington Harbour Television report of the disaster The sinking of the Lyttelton–Wellington ferry Wahine on 10 April 1968 was New Zealand’s worst modern maritime disaster. More than 5000 protestors arrived at the steps of Parliament on October 13. The whole world soon got a grasp of the footage as the international media focused their spotlight on Wellington. Sandy Edmonds - groovy baby! TEV Wahine was a twin-screw, turbo-electric, roll-on/roll-off passenger and vehicle ferry. The Wahine’s demise also marked a coming of age for television news broadcasting in New Zealand as images of the disaster were beamed into the nation’s living rooms. The Wahine tragedy marked another level in New Zealand’s broadcasting industry, and all television stations beamed images of the disaster right on everyone’s screen.

Pre-1840 contact, Holidays and events, The arts and entertainment, Disasters, Transport, Health and welfare, Decade studies, Sport, Crime and punishment, Immigration, Lifestyle, Places, The great outdoors, Memorials. With more than 50 lives lost, this was New Zealand's worst modern maritime disaster. The ferry’s proximity to shore where people watched helplessly certainly added to our sense of powerlessness in the face of tragedy. Television coverage of the disaster later went on to win an international World News film award. Wahine disaster. Wahine disaster 45 years on. Get this from a library! Fifty-one people lost their lives. The Wahine disaster remains the most fa­mous of New Zealand’s maritime tragedies, one that was witnessed by hundreds of would-be rescuers who stood by helplessly as people were swept past so close to shore but out of reach, and by thousands of shocked New Zealanders who witnessed the event on television.

On 10 April 1968, tragedy struck at the entrance of Wellington Harbour when the inter-island ferry Wahine was caught in the worst recorded storm in New Zealand history.