This must be a malicious malware game.

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WARFACE REDEEM A CODE has 21,563 members. I failed to connect permanently. PLEASE READ: Last warning!!!

Reddit community and official fansite for free-to-play class-based first person shooter Warface, featuring fast paced action, team driven Co-op and Versus gameplay and immersive visuals powered by the CryENGINE 3 Game engine. Five unique classes with special skills, teamwork, exciting PVE missions and raids, various PVP modes, hundreds of realistic weapons, modules, equipment and camo items.

On my PS4 I guess.

Explore Warface game detail, demo, images, videos, reviews. I'll no longer play your game. @DoctorIntruder @Warface Because I have previous connection issues and got new ISP. Promo codes only!!! And it kills all the other devices on my network when I try to open the game.

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