I wrote a post about winter attire a while ago which has been very popular and the main theme of that post was that people should bring layers. While technical gear is acceptable and very common in bars and restaurants, bring a couple of pieces that can be worn in the evening or when spending some time in the city. So, if you are visiting Iceland in June you better pack your shorts & t-shirts … but also be ready for some cool sea breeze and chilly temperatures, specially if you are going exploring around the country. This a a very common question, and some searches in the forum will provide lots of information and opinions on weather and what to wear. A Vest.

As you consider what to wear in Iceland, keep in mind that locals in Reykjavik dress casually but smart. Literally, this jacket saved my life… This Florida girl would be a permanent icicle in Iceland without it. Well, guess what, I’m going to tell you exactly the same for spring and summer: Bring layers. The old Icelandic calendar split the year into just two seasons: seven months of winter (October-April), and five months of summer (May-September).The two seasons are quite distinct but the swing in temperature is small.What makes the difference is mainly the amount of daylight and the type of precipitation. What to wear in Iceland in June? A lot of people have been contacting me lately asking what they should pack for their upcoming trip to Iceland in the spring or summer. Seasons in Iceland: What to Wear in Winter. Check Price. Zip-off pants that change into shorts can … What to wear on a trip to Iceland in summer (June-August) Base layer – normal underwear and short or long-sleeve t-shirts are usually fine Warm sweater – wool or fleece; Lightweight outdoor trousers/pants – believe us, soggy jeans are no fun! I will try so summarize a little: Iceland weather is notoriously unpredictable and quite variable, so it is difficult to provide very accurate information. 4. The nights in Iceland in June can be cold, or somewhere around 5 degrees C. So if you‘re sleeping in a tent, we recommend bringing a warm sleeping bag and wear warm pyjamas for sleeping. Iceland's National Day of Independence is held each year on the 17th of June, and no matter where you are in the country, flags will be at full mast and Icelanders will be out in droves to celebrate.. June is also the perfect time to experience the midnight sun in all its glory because the longest day of the year, the summer solstice, falls between June 20-22. The Icelandic weather always seems to surprise tourists. Bonus: Considering we were sleeping in the van, the puffy jacket made a nice addition to my pillow which needed an extra fluff.