Here's how you say it. Definition of 'whine'.

whinge definition: 1. to complain, especially about something that does not seem important: 2. the act of…. "Whinge" retains that original sense today, though nowadays it puts less … Learn more. Whinge definition: If you say that someone is whingeing , you mean that they are complaining in an annoying... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Need to translate "whinge" to Tamil? He could hear her dog barking and whining in the background. "Whinge," on the other hand, comes from a different Old English verb, "hwinsian," which means "to wail or moan discontentedly."

(hwaɪn ) Word forms: plural, 3rd person singular present tense whines , present participle whining , past tense, past participle whined. 1. verb. If something or someone whines, they make a long, high-pitched noise, especially one which sounds sad or unpleasant .