It's winter here with sub-freezing temperatures so I can't put it outside now, but I want to release it as soon as it's warm enough. Valley fog develops when mountains prevent the dense air from escaping. How, when and where does fog most likely occur?

Radiation fog tends to only occur in the winter months as it is caused by the cooling of the land overnight and the thermal radiation then cooling the air close to the surface. In 1930, vapor condensed around particles of air pollution in the Meuse Valley, Belgium. During the …

Anyways, I didnt do the antifreeze method, but did drain all the water out of the engine, and fogged it.

The first way that fog is formed is by infrared cooling.

Re: Is it important to fog the cylinders during winterization? The fog is trapped in the bowl of the valley.

Mistake Island - Maine. Infrared cooling happens due to the change of seasons from summer to fall and winter.

In this video, we have discussed the science behind fog and the reason why fog is formed in winters only.

Help! Fog is especially common during the summer season. However, during the winter, San Francisco is still affected by tule fog, a very dense type of fog unique to the California coast. Smog means smoke + fog. this is why in winters at morning the temperature is very les hence the clouds come down due to there is not son yet came and sun will not evaporate the fog pores hence they come only in winter.

Now smoke can be in any season but fog can only be in winter season. Fog generally forms when the relative humidity reaches 100% at ground level.

I don't keep frogs, but found a gray tree frog in the house last night. Fog is formed by the condensation of water vapour on condensation nuclei that are always present in natural air.


This results as soon as the relative humidity of the air exceeds saturation by a fraction of 1 percent.

More than 60 people died as a result of this deadly valley fog. The ability of fog to form suddenly and disappear as quickly is determined by what side of the dewpoint the temperature registers. Fog or ground clouds are made of millions of tiny droplets of water floating in the air. In highly polluted air the nuclei may grow sufficiently to cause fog at humidities of 95 percent or less. The fog capital of the Atlantic coast is Mistake Island in Maine. Well I just did my first winterizing this year, and it was fairly easy, my local ***** had just about everything I needed, from the outdrive oil fill pump, fogging spray, engine oil, outdrive oil, etc. Valley fog forms in mountain valleys, usually during winter.

I've read a bit and see it's possible to put these frogs into hibernation, which would be the ideal solution, as I'm not interested in keeping it as a pet.