Where Exactly is Zzyzx?

Zzyzx as a settlement, and Zzyzx Spring as a water feature, were approved as a place name by the United States Board on Geographic Names on June 14, 1984. Lurking on the roadside is the malicious ghost of a teenage girl. After exploring Zzyzx I got back on the road and finished the short drive back to LA and my home sweet home. Zzyzx Road off Interstate 15 in Southern California is just this – an abandoned facility with a strange history.

Just look at that sign! most oddly named highway exit, what does it actually mean? We finally decided to get off the exit and find out for ourselves. Zzyzx, formally known as Soda Springs, is an unincorporated community in San Bernardino County right on the border of Mojave National Preserve . Despite its silly name, Zzyzx Road is very unsafe, even during day. Also, link up YOUR local adventures here as well. Aside from holding the distinction of being America's (maybe the world’s?) [6] As is the case with the road, Zzyzx, California, is the USBGN's lexicographically greatest (alphabetically last, at least in Latin alphabetical order ) place name.

I'd had an amazing couple of weeks on the road, but nothing feels quite as nice as home and I was glad to be back. A high school basketball coach and two of his students were heading back to Los Angeles when she waved them down. . The Truth Behind Zzyzx Road. It read "Zzyzx Road,” referring to the next stop off the freeway, a name that has perplexed/haunted me for many years after.